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By pressxpress, Sunday, 25th August 2013 | 0 comments

A Bride's Wedding Dress is possibly the single most expensive clothing purchase she will ever make, so here are a few tips to look after your dress for years to come! With proper care, a wedding gown can be worn by daughter, grand-daughter, and even great grand-daughter of the original bride!

  1. Store your gown in a cool, dry, and dark location. The most important thing to do is protect your gown from extreme temperature changes, humidity, and harsh sunlight, our preservation boxes are perfect for wedding gown storage. 
  2. It’s perfectly safe to take out your wedding dress as often as you like, and we’d encourage you to inspect a preserved gown when you get it back. Fabric was made to breathe, so don't store a gown sealed up and blocked off. We suggest you wear gloves when handling a gown – gowns preserved by us come with a pair of white cotton gloves.
  3. Every year shift the folds in a stored gown, to prevent crease marks from forming. 
  4. Don't store your preserved gown in plastic, or any other covering. Remember, fabric wants to breathe, therefore, the acid free tissue paper provided with our preservation boxes is perfect for this.


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